Martwick introduces legislation to allow compensation for Chicago Elected School Board members

SPRINGFIELD — State Senator Robert Martwick, State Representative Kam Buckner and Educators for Excellence joined together at a press conference Tuesday to announce a measure that will permit compensation for members of the Chicago Elected School Board.

“Permitting compensation for board members as a way to remove barriers will enable the board to more accurately represent the diverse communities of Chicago,” said Martwick (D-Chicago). “We want the board to truly represent the students and families they serve and to include voices from every community.”

As written, the law that created the Chicago Elected School Board process permits reimbursement to board members for expenses incurred while performing their duties. It currently does not allow compensation for members, which may create barriers for individuals who cannot afford to take the time away from working to serve on the board.

Martwick’s measure does not set a monetary value for compensation, but removes the prohibition of compensation to elected school board members.

“Individuals shouldn’t have to choose between serving on their local school board and providing for their families,” Martwick said. “By allowing for the possibility of compensation, we remove barriers and provide opportunities to future members.”

Senate Bill 2610 awaits action in the Illinois Senate.