Senator Martwick fights to ensure student’s data privacy

CHICAGO – Illinois student’s personal information will be protected under a new law championed by State Senator Rob Martwick.

Martwick (D-Chicago) sponsored House Bill 3606, which bans schools from commercially selling the meta-data of K-12 students who use school computers, and provides parents with some control over how the data may be used.

“This new law will ensure our children’s privacy is protected from corporations trying to make a profit off of students,” Martwick said. “It is crucial that as a state we aim to ensure our children’s data is safe, especially at school. There is no reason to use student’s data, other than tracking academic outcomes and ensuring they have the best possible academic opportunities.”

House Bill 3606 is an initiative of Raise Your Hand Action. The law is supported by the Illinois Federation of Teachers, ACLU of Illinois, Chicago Teachers Union and many others.