Martwick-Supported Measures to Expand use of Expressway Cameras become Law

Chicago – Two measures  to provide law enforcement with more technology to identify and enable them to solve crimes, championed by State Senator Robert Martwick (D-Chicago) recently  became law.

“Expanding access to camera technology will help solve crimes that occur on or involve the use of   our Chicago expressways, including the Kennedy,” Martwick said. “We must provide our police officers with more resources to solve crimes, and this is one way we can do it.”

The new laws expand the Expressway Camera Act to allow any municipal law enforcement agencies with jurisdiction over Cook County expressways the ability to use images to investigate vehicular hijackings, terrorism, and forcible felonies in addition to firearm offenses.

The legislation also expands funding opportunities for law enforcement to include multiple suburban and downstate counties.

“Technology gives law enforcement the tools they need to solve the recent rise in crime,” Martwick said.

House Bill 4481 and House Bill 260 were signed into law on Friday and will take effect immediately.