Martwick measure to protect police officers advances

SPRINGFIELD — State Senator Robert Martwick has advanced a measure that would prohibit municipalities from discharging police officers due to a line-of-duty injury.

“With this measure, we are giving our dedicated police officers the same protections that we offer to our firefighters,” said Martwick (D-Chicago). “First responders should never be at risk of losing their job because of a work-related disability.”

Martwick’s measure would ensure police officers could not be discharged from their duties based on their application for disability-related pension benefits. Once a chief of police receives notice that an officer is able to return to work, it would also require the officer to be reinstated to the same rank or grade they held prior to being placed on leave.

Under current law, firefighters already have the protections offered in Martwick’s measure. This measure would bring police officers in line with those rights.

“My measure would ensure that, when police officers are ready to return to serving for our communities, their jobs will be waiting for them,” Martwick said.

Senate Bill 2918 passed the Senate Tuesday. It now goes to the House for further consideration.