Martwick sponsors bilingual Tax Appeal Workshop

CHICAGO — State Senator Robert Martwick is sponsoring a bilingual Tax Appeal Workshop that serves as an opportunity for property owners to learn how to appeal their property tax assessment.

“Many taxpayers are overpaying on their property taxes,” said Martwick (D-Chicago.) “This workshop serves as an opportunity to learn how to get through the appeal process to ensure they’re not overpaying.”

The workshop will feature a brief bilingual English and Polish presentation. Analysts will be available to answer participants’ questions. All townships are open for appeals. Participants should bring their second installment property tax bill or property index number. The workshop will be held on Saturday, Oct. 1 at 3 p.m. in the St. Hyacinth Basilica-Resurrection Hall’s gym, at 3636 W. Wolfram St. in Chicago.

In 2021, over $25 million was returned to 11,500 homeowners who made overpayments on their first installment taxes.

For more information, contact Senator Martwick’s office at 773-286-1115 or by email at