Martwick’s honors Chicago-area Illinois State Scholars

SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Robert Martwick (D-Chicago) recently honored 132 Chicago-area high school students from the 10th Legislative District who were named 2021-2022 Illinois State Scholars by the Illinois Student Assistance Commission.

Illinois State Scholar winners rank in approximately the top 10% of the state’s high school seniors from 676 high schools in all 102 counties. Selection takes place through a combination of standardized test scores and class rank or unweighted GPA at the end of the student’s junior year. ISAC works in conjunction with the students’ high school guidance counselors to determine the winners.

“These students have worked so hard and deserve this prestigious award,” Martwick said. “It reflects not only countless hours spent on school work, but also their dedication to their continued success, despite the difficulties of a global pandemic. I am so proud of these students, their families, and the teachers and administrators who have worked tirelessly for each other’s success.”

The scholars from the 10th Legislative District include students from six area high schools, including Hyman G. Richover Naval Academy, Main Township East High School, Ombudsman No. 1 High School North West, Resurrection College Prep, Ridgewood High School, and William Howard Taft High School.

Recipients of this award will receive a congratulatory letter from ISAC, and a Certificate of Achievement will be sent to their high school. State Scholars will also receive a digital badge issued by ISAC that can be displayed on online profiles, exhibited on social media, and shared with prospective colleges and employers.

“Applying to college and qualifying for financial assistance can be difficult with so many people interested, and this Illinois State Scholar recognition rewards students who have dedicated their time and worked admirably to achieve an advantage in attending and affording the colleges of their choice,” Martwick said.

More information about the State Scholar program can be found at ISAC’s website.