Senator Martwick Visits IDPH COVID-19 Testing Site with Alderman Sposato, Rep. LaPointe, and Norwood Park Fire Protection District Trustee Avino

This morning Senator Martwick visited the IDPH COVID-19 testing site at 6959 W Forest Preserve Dr and dropped off a few dozen Allegretti’s donuts to thank the staff for their hard work. He was impressed to learn that they’ve completely revamped their testing system. You can now register for your COVID-19 test online and scan a QR code once you arrive for your appointment, making the process quick and almost contactless- just visit The site has plenty of availability and results come back in 24-48 hours. 

Dr. Kenneth Campbell welcomes the legislators to the testing center

Dr. Kenneth Campbell told the team that Illinois is being used as an example to other states for how effective the testing model has been, in no small part thanks to its citizens, and we’re proud to have such an exemplary testing center in the 10th District. Thank you to Alderman Nick Sposato, State Rep. Lindsey LaPointe, and Norwood Park Fire Protection District Trustee Frank Avino for joining.